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Citywide Door & Hardware Inc.

commercial exterior & interior

commercial exterior & interior

      The signs used to introduce, identify and direct people into your company
      are often second only to the appearance of your building itself in terms of
      delivering a strong first impression. That’s why we produce a wide variety of
      signs to make precisely the right impression.

      We work with our customers to develop the right look, size, color, shape,
      mounting and materials needed for use in commercial signage.

      For this application we use various substrates such as plastic, wood and metals; brass,
      aluminum, copper and stainless steel. Because we are working with solid surfaces,
      we are able to do painted finishes in virtually any colour.

      We can accomplish various customized finishes and thicknesses to match your logo
      or word mark. Although a rather simple technique, raised letters and logos create a
      feeling of depth and sophistication.

     Over the years, the people at Citywide Door & Hardware have been recognized as an industry leader
     while achieving awards for service delivering on a commitment to excellence.