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Citywide Door & Hardware Inc.

suite no. & escutcheon

suite no. & escutcheon

      Available in a wide array of materials, colours and sizes, suite numbers
      are fully customized to appropriately match the buildings interior finishes,
      complimenting other architectural or design elements.

      ADA and barrier-free requirements can be met through the use of Raster
      Braille and tactile letters.

      Our escutcheon plates are available in various finishes. As well, we can customize
      any order to suit your needs.

      We offer a wide array of font styles. Your escutcheon plates can be ordered
      designed to match common area signage and can be personalized with your logo.

      Any lockset pattern can be cut into any plate.

     Over the years, the people at Citywide Door & Hardware have been recognized as an industry leader
     while achieving awards for service delivering on a commitment to excellence.